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Junius – Days of the Fallen Sun – 7.5/10

– Junius was a very exciting discovery for me. A band that blended the tones and sounds of Post-Rock with straight forward and very catchy songwriting. It’s music that I can sing along with and it still has the atmosphere to get me lost in it. I was very anxious for a new release after their 2011 release Reports From the Threshold of Death, which I discovered in 2013 when I saw them twice in one weekend. I was excited that they were to release an EP in 2014, but was a little disappointed to find out that the majority of it was not going to be new material. This EP is consisted of 8 songs, 6 of them original, but 4 of them are instrumental interludes all under a minute long. That means the majority of this album is 2 old songs that are re-recorded, and 2 completely brand new songs. To be fair, the two songs that were re-recorded were hard to find because they were original released on limited edition split EPs. So for many people, it is the very first time that they are hearing these songs. Also, the format with having multiple instrumental interludes harkens back to their first two EPs, which were both 5 songs long and contained instrumentals just like this for the purpose building up to the next song (these two EPs were later released together under the name Junius). So this EP is full of nostalgic factors. It also has been gaining a lot of attention for the band as well as reviews giving it lots of praise. So this EP turned out to be a success for the band. I however would have liked to see a little bit more from the band after 3 years, but definitely give the band a lot of praise for making these hard to find songs more accessible. Too often bands will make songs and let them slip by, instead of revisiting them and giving them the attention they deserve. Musically I have no complaints about this album. The old songs sound great and the new ones continue their trademark sound. The biggest surprise is the song “Battle In The Sky”, which contains chants instead of vocals to represent a fight or a war through music. Hope to see a little more activity coming form these guys soon, whether it is another album or another tour.