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Chon – Woohoo! EP – 7.5/10

– Chon return with their second EP. This EP is only 16 minutes long, a minute shorter than their previous one. Like their previous EP, it is filled with catchy a technical guitar playing. More upbeat and lighter to listen to than a band like Animals As Leaders or Scale the Summit, they take the same basic idea and combine jazz and metal to make very melodic and awe-inspiring instrumental music. Songs like “Knot”, “Sketch”, and “Suda” pick up where Newborn Sun left off. These songs show the capabilities of the full band, including some very impressive drum work that can often get forgotten about with the guitars at the forefront. It also contains some pretty pieces that are done with just a guitar (either clean or acoustic) to show their skills on chords and melodies. But the most impressive song is this album is definitely “Ecco”, which is the first Chon song to contain vocals. I remember seeing a lot of hate for this song, but I really enjoy the vocals and think that throwing in one song to sing along with really benefits the other songs where you are just listening to sweeps, taps, harmonies, and other guitar techniques. The low score is because this is the second time that Chon has released a short EP that just teases us into wanting a full length (which can actually happen now that they just got signed to a record label). However, I am glad that they decided to keep the really short (under 30 seconds) songs off of this album, because I felt like those were just pointless. I am a big believer in giving enough time for the song to develop, and I hope to see more of that from the band on their future releases.