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Barrows – Red Giant – 7.5/10

– Gotta give a shout out to a local band that has been making some waves, even enough to get mentioned on metal websites such as Metalsucks. This is a great band that plays at local venues with a lot of bands that I am friends with. I saw them live at Bonnerhaus in North Hollywood opening up for Felix Martin and they blew me away with their stage presence, togetherness, and massive amount of guitar pedals. This is their second album. Their first one got a lot of spins from me when I first came about it. This is great dark instrumental post rock. The album really flows together well and flows through as if it were just one song, making it really easy to get lost to and let it fly by. I didn’t give it a higher rating because it some points it feels like there could have been more diversity but instead it just kind of lets itself drag on. However, those times are definitely few and infrequent. The rest of the time, this album just builds and builds, having you at the edge of your seat, making you come up with visuals in your head as if you were writing a movie script just by listening to the soundtrack. The album enables you to do that. It helps you imagine and create your own story lines, and that is always the sign of a good album. I really look forward to seeing more from this band and continue to see them progress. I’d also really like to see my own band share the stage with them one day.