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Volumes – No Sleep – 7.5/10

– Volumes released their debut album Via at the height of the popularity of a new style of metal called “Djent”. It was a 12 tracks clocking in at 50 minutes. It was full of good riffs, vocals, solos, and ideas overall, but it’s length was also its downfall because a lot of times it felt like the same things over and over again. Riffs started to sound similar, vocals started to sound similar, and overall was not an easy album to finish once I started it. 3 years later they return with No Sleep, to the excitement of their fan base. This time the album is 10 tracks clocking in at only 33 minutes, much to the disappointment of many who feel that the album goes by too quickly. I however think that the length benefits it. It allows the tracks to standout more. It starts out with “The Mixture” which is full of groove, moves on to “91367” which is more of a faster song perfect for moshpits. From there, “Erased” introduces the clean vocals on the album and is one of my personal favorites by them, before going into the first of 2 short instrumental songs which help move the album along. The album flows through so well that I it reaches the end before you expect it, so I can understand why people are upset about that. But honestly, it feels like this allowed the band to really concentrate on making the perfect track order for the songs, because they all compliment each other, do their own thing, and they all accomplish something different on the album. Via had the problem of having multiple groove songs, multiple pit songs, multiple ballad like songs, making some more forgettable than others. This album does not have that problem. Every song is memorable in their own way and I think this is one of the better overall djent releases to come out (at a point in time where the genre has gotten really stale and it seems that a lot of bands are not focusing on making a good album and are just worried about making a good grove). “Across the Bed”, “Vahale”, and “Up All Night” are the other standout tracks for me, and I love how the put the second short instrumental piece right before the last song on the album to try and build that one up a bit more. Overall, I was more impressed with this album as a whole than I thought I would be, and I would like to see these guys continue to evolve and progress.