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Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence – 7.5/10

– Trioscapes is a three piece jazz trio that is most known for being the side project of bassist Dan Briggs (also of Between the Buried and Me as well as Orbs). The trio is rounded out by drummer Matt Lynch and Walter Fancourt switching between saxophones and the occasional flute. This album picks up where their first album left off. Intricate and challenging melody lines, unisons between the bass and saxophone, bass shredding here and there, and consistently exciting drum playing. It is 5 tracks long and clocks in at 42 minutes. Similar to the first album, catchy melody lines are few and far between. The parts that are easy to follow along with are surrounded by experimentation, technicality, and a wonderful blend of jazz fusion that can get very dark and heavy, almost sounding like the trio were covering Between the Buried and Me songs expect on jazz instruments. The flute solos reminded me of Theo Travis’s style of playing that he did on Steven Wilson’s solo albums. Walter has great ability at bringing out emotion through his solos. This can also be seen in his saxophone playing, which growls, screams, shrieks, and overall has a very soulful and human feeling. Dan gets to experiment with bass sounds a bit more than he does in BTBAM. Instead of just holding down the low end, he goes through a wide range of tones, from his solo shredding tones, to his typical jazz bass tones, to the colorful sounds during the tapping section of the album’s epic closer “The Jungle” (which clocks in at about 15 minutes). This album is a demanding listen. It is full of hard to follow lines, time signature changes, and parts seem to rarely repeat themselves. The album constantly moves you through a journey showing off not only what this band is capable of, but also how genres are able to adapt themselves so that they can sound similar to other genres (most obviously jazz and metal). Unfortunately, it is the challenging nature of the album that makes up its low score. I found that I had to be in the right mind set to listen to it. When I did end up listening to it, I enjoyed it and was quite happy with the overall outcome of the album.