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Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite – 7/10

– 3 years after the amazing album Celestial Lineage, Wolves in the Throne Room return, once again visiting ideas and melodies from that album or from the sessions making that album. This time, they strip away the bass, vocals, and drums so that all that is left is just keyboards and guitars. That’s right. A Wolves in the Throne Room album that is just two keyboards and guitars for 46 minutes. This drone, doom, ambient experiment is not the kind of things that fans want to have after waiting 3 years after such an amazing album. But, since when has WIITR been the type of band to feed into what the fans want? This is not an album that you will jump to hear over and over again. Maybe one listen will be sufficient for the casual fan. But it’s a very dark and thought provoking style of music that has been done by many different bands of many different genres. To me, it kind of sounded like Tangerine Dream without the electronic drum kits that made you want to dance to their music. The keyboard is the main focus provided chords and melodies. The guitars simply provide drone. I would like to see more activity from this band and would have been happier with this product if it was something that was done between albums, instead of being considered an album itself. But it definitely shows courage and willingness to do what the artist wants.