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Abysmal Dawn – Obsolescence – 8.15/10

– Abysmal Dawn return with their 4th studio album after what feels like an eternity (but in reality has only been about 3 years). They do not disappoint, as they deliver 48 minutes of new music (10 minutes more than their previously longest album). True 7 minutes goes to a cover, but that still makes it their longest album by 2 minutes. They continue on the path that they have always continued. Their previous album, Leveling the Plane of Existence, saw a slight change, with deeper growls instead of the previously higher pitched shrieks from the first two. This is good, because Charles Elliott has one of the finest growls in the business in my opinion (possibly only second to Mikael Akerfeldt). They are menacing and demonic sounding, which gives the band an authentic feeling as he continues to critique the world around us. The songs are heavy, filled with excellent riffs, and the album seems to fly by. It does not get stale, which is a common complaint of mine for this genre. Some songs are instant classics, and transcend to a live setting quite well, such as “Inanimate”, “Perfecting Slavery”, and the albums true (and excellent) closer “The Inevitable Return to Darkness”. The Dissection cover at the end is just icing on a delicious cake.