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Archspire – The Lucid Collective – 8/10

– Like Beyond Creation, this is another band that has been getting a lot of praise for being the new generation of technical death metal. This band is different in the fact that they are a little more rapid fire in their delivery. The typical elements are there. The bass in prevalent, however it is more focused on tapping rather than that fretless jazz sound. In fact, tapping is a very prevalent element in this band, as are sweeps. Riffs are built on shredding, and the vocals are growled, but in a fast way that almost seems like he is rapping. The drums make excellent use of starting and stopping with random bursts of double bass as fill ins. This band is very exciting, and keep the album at a short 34 minutes as to not overplay its welcome. It is two minutes longer than their debut, and shows maturity in the technicality and songwriting. If they continue to try and push themselves in this direction, they run the risk of growing stale. However, at this point, this is an excellent album that builds upon their debut, and leaves them with tons of room for expansion in the future. Definitely for fans of the first two The Faceless albums, Beneath the Massacre, and other bands that are in that similar style.