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Allegaeon – Elements of the Infinite – 8/10

– I first heard about these guys when they opened up for Arsis. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t given these guys a chance before (but perhaps this is due to the fact that their name is very similar to a couple of other bands and I often get confused). They have a great blend of multiple genres, including technical, industrial, melodic, and groove focused death metal. This album continues what they have done on previous albums, which is their trademark sound, but they continue to prove on it. They push it with each release, which creates stronger hooks and melodies, stronger songwriting, and more and more dazzling guitar work. Overall, it is very interesting how mainstream these guys are able to make extreme forms of metal sound, because it is all but impossible to bang your fists and scream along with the choruses or move your fingers to the motions of the riffs. The album rarely slows down, except towards the end of the album before and during the epic 12 minute closer. Overall it has a really good feel and flow throughout. This is a band that I expect will continue to grow more and more popular (especially since their music videos are being spread for their hilarity factor) and I hope that they will continue to push themselves and try to incorporate more styles into their already signature sound. It is easy for a band to stick to what they know how to do when they are gaining a lot of new attention, and I’d love for them to not allow that to change their pace.