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Tombs – Savage Gold – 8.5/10

– This album came out on June 10th (the same day that the new The Atlas Moth album came out) and that was an incredible day for music. Both bands play a style of music that blends post rock/metal (like Neurosis and Isis) and mix it with elements of black metal. Whereas The Atlas Moth focuses more on psychedelic elements, Tombs focuses more on darker and sludgier elements.  Both albums got immediate high praise from me and I knew that both albums would be high contenders for best albums of the year. However, as the year went on, The Atlas Moth album pulled away from this one, but that does not take away from the sheer brilliance of this album. From start to finish this album is full of great ideas, wide ranges of vocal styles, tons of ambience. Tracks like “Thanatos” mix the black metal and sludge so well, that you expect to hear shrieks over the speed picking before the Scott Kelly like vocals make their way into the mix. “Portrait” and “Seance” continue to deliver memorable melody lines and the longer songs of the album like “Echoes” and “Deathgripper” just seem to fly by. “Edge of Darkness” is a highlight of the album for me, mixing together parts of bands like Agalloch, Nachtmystium, and The Ocean together perfectly. “Ashes” and “Legacy continue the momentum of that track before “Severed Lives” slows things down for a bit. This was a great idea because it really brings out the last track that much more. The flow of the album must have been very carefully considered, because it all works out perfectly. Even though this album almost reaches an hour in length, it definitely doesn’t feel like that. It is so easy to get lost in, but it is also full of moments for headbanging and other assorted ways to rock out to music. All in all, I thought it was going to be difficult for Tombs to follow up Path Of Totality the way that that album had followed up Winter Hours. But luckily, I was proven wrong, and they were able to make huge advances over their previous album yet again. This is definitely going to be a difficult album for the band to top in the future, but I am sure that the band is more than capable of meeting that challenge.