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Taurus – No/Thing – 8.5/10

-Taurus made a huge impression on my when I saw them open up for Agalloch, and I found before me a two-women band performing a 30 minute song in its entirety as their set. “Life” is an incredible song/debut album. 30 minutes of dark, ominous feelings that have you not only on the edge of your seat, but also on the edge of your sanity. I was both excited and terrified to see what this duo would do next. No/Thing is a 36 minute album made up of 5 songs. The album starts off with their trademark dissonant broken chords, use of sound clips, heavy drumming, and shrieks. The tracks all flow together and the second track relies more on atmosphere created by the soundc clips than the heaviness of the first track. As the album flows, it becomes less heavy, more atmospheric, and most amazingly, more beautiful. Yes, beautiful. After 3 tracks of dissonant broken chords, repeating soundclips, and shrieks, the 4th track does something amazing. “Increases Loneliness” is one of my favorite songs of the year. It has an dark electronic dance feel like old Tangerine Dream tracks. It is slow, with an amazing buildup, and chanting that sounds like monks. It is also the longest track on the album at 13 minutes. The last track return to the dark and scary feelings of the first couple of tracks, without having to get loud and heavy. This is another album that I would love to see get some more attention, and I’d love to see Taurus come back around if at all possible.