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Pink Floyd – The Endless River – 8.75/10

– Here’s a big review from me. If I had to chose an all time favorite band (even though I have a lot of bands I call my favorite), Pink Floyd would be it. I think they have one of the most interesting and solid discographies in music history. Before this album we had 14 albums where you could see clear development, experimentation, and growth. You also have a band that most people only know songs from their albums that were released in the 1970s, leaving many amazing albums still undiscovered from the general population. So I couldn’t express enough excitement for album number 15, and the final chapter in the Pink Floyd story. This album differs from their normal music, because it is 16 tracks, 15 of them instrumental, and many of them are shorter than 2 minutes long. The songs flow together, with slight spots in between, that divide the album into four very distinct sections. Musically, this album feels like a retrospective of all the great Pink Floyd sounds of the past. You hear keyboard parts that sound like Wish You Were Here or Animals, guitar solos that sound like The Division Bell or A Momentary Lapse of Reason, guitar riffs that sound like The Wall or The Final Cut, piano parts that sound like Atom Heart Mother or Ummagumma, and jam sections that could have on Dark Side of the Moon or Meddle. The guitar is definitely the focus of the album, but it does contain a mini drum session early on in the album, and great piano and keyboard moments from Richard Wright who died in 2008. This album is made up of jam sessions from 1994, when Pink Floyd had planned on releasing a new album. It was released as a tribute to Wright, and as a fitting closure to the Pink Floyd saga. This is clear, by ending the album with “Louder Than Words”, the only song with vocals. Like “High Hopes” off their previous album, they close with a song that is nostalgic towards all the times Pink Floyd had together, good or bad. Keeping all this context in mind, this album brings about many emotions, and does it in a way that is classy. Many people dislike the lack of vocals, but sometimes, words are not needed to tell a story. It can be done through music, and that’s exactly what they did here.