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Emma Ruth Rundle – Some Heavy Ocean – 8.5/10

– Also involved in the bands Red Sparowes, Marriages, and Nocturnes, this is Emma’s first solo album. Like those album, there is a heavy emphasis on the atmosphere. A perfect blend of post rock with straight forward songs. Her voice reminds me very much of Alanis Morissette, as does her songwriting style. There is just a higher use of tones, delay, reverb, and guitar sounds in the background. This is not a bad thing at all. I love the almost 90s angst and songwriting feel that this album is able to nostalgically bring back, and bring into the current trend of music styles that are popular in the hipster areas of Los Angeles such as the North Hollywood and Echo Park areas. The album is 36 minutes long, and goes by quickly. The fact that every song on this album is an instant classic makes it go by faster, cause you’ll be singing along with every song and wondering when a song you don’t know is going to pop up on the album. That however does not happen. You sing along with them all, and then it is all over and leaves you wanting more (or makes you go listen to that Marriages EP). Emma is a talented young musician who has a lot of potential, and thanks to her projects getting noticed and the help of a forward thinking record label such as Sargent House, has a lot of opportunities in her way. We can probably expect another release from her soon, which is wonderful, because I can’t get enough of her voice and am looking forward to seeing her diversify her abilities.