Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution 8.5/10

– Beyond Creation got a lot of attention with their debut album, The Aura, and it was no surprise that their follow up would be highly anticipated. Technical Death Metal is a genre where people are constantly looking for the next “saviors”, because Necrophagist won’t release a new album and bands like The Faceless have gotten “softer” by having clean vocals. Beyond Creation are able to combine the brutality of technical death metal with the classic jazz sounds of a loud fretless bass (thanks to bands like Cynic and Obscura). Instead of just being copy cats and taking every page out of the book, Beyond Creation find ways to channel the creativity of these classic bands and make the genre new and exciting again. The heavy parts are enjoyable. The clean parts happen at the right times. The technicality is necessary, not over pretentious. The guitar solos are really enjoyable to listen to, and aren’t just for the sake of shredding. Each person in the band really feels like they get their time to shine, and there is a lot of chemistry between the members. Albums of this style seem to be shorter, because your mind can only process so many notes in one sitting. But Beyond Creation push a little bit further, and have a decent sized album (46 minutes to be exact) that doesn’t get old, because they know how to take their time, slow things down, and keep things exciting for their audience. A very impressive 2nd albums that does not fall in a slump in any way, shape, or form.