The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014): 9.25/10


The Grand Budapest Hotel was my favorite comedy film to come out of the year 2014. The beginning of the movie makes use of different time settings and different narrators telling the story It first starts in the present as a little girl reads a well-known book. The book starts with The Author (played by Tom Wilkinson as an old man and by Jude Law as a young man) in 1985 (before his death) explaining that he encountered the story of the book when he was traveling in the Republic of Zubroka (a fiction Central European state) in the year 1968. He was staying at a once magnificent hotel that has lost its cliental because of years of war and hardship that have fallen onto the area (and the facilities of the hotel). The Author meets the owner of the hotel Zero Moustafa (played by F. Murray Abraham as an old man and byTony Revolori as a young man). Zero tells the story (which eventually becomes the story in the book) about how he came to acquire the hotel. The movie then takes us to the year 1932, when the hotel was in its prime. There we see young Zero as a simple bellhop, learning from the concierge Monsieur Gustave H. (played by Ralph Fieenes). Gustave is famous for his hospitality and efficiency, the hotel is known for its luxury and beautiful views, and Zero has come from very far to learn from the very best. The story takes a turn as Gustave is taken in by the police for the alleged death of Madame D. (played by Tilda Swinton) who often stayed at the hotel as was very close to Mr. Gustave. The rest of the movie is a fast paced and intelligent thriller as Gustave and Zero work together to prove his innocence and return to his beloved hotel. The film is filled with tons of hilarious cameos, such as Adrien Brody as Madame D.’s son, Willem Dafoe as a ruthless assassin, Jeff Goldblum as a deputy, Edward Norton as an inspector, Saoirse Ronan as Zero’s love interest, Harvey Keitel as an inmate, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, and Owen Wilson as other hotel clerks, and many other recognizable faces throughout the film. In my opinion, the film is very memorable. The characters are funny, the scenes are executed extremely well, the scenery is beautiful, and the lines are quotable. It is everything you expect from a Wes Anderson film and more. It is my favorite movie that he has done so far, and it will be an incredibly difficult film to top in the future. It is a movie that I find myself wanting to watch over and over again and wanting to show to others to see what they think of it. I have seen people who do not catch the humor or find it funny. These people are probably not familiar with Wes’s style and should watch his other films before they re-watch this one.