Heartless Breakers – The Great Give Back – 8.15/10

– Heartless Breakers are a up and coming band from Salt Lake City, Utah that I was lucky enough to see at Bonnerhaus on tour with Visitors, another up and coming band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Both bands share one member, Bryan Lee, who plays drums in Visitors, guitar in Heartless Breakers, and provides backup vocals in both bands. Heartless Breakers is the more upbeat and poppy band of the two (with Visitors focusing more on the progressive and ambient side). Heartless Breakers has previously released two EPs. The first one contained four songs and the second one contained acoustic versions of the songs from the first EP. In early 2015, the band finally released their debut album. The album is 10 tracks long clocking in at a combined 32 minutes and 45 seconds. This album picks up exactly where their first EP left off. The music will sound very familiar to most people. It is late 1990s/early 2000s alternative/indie/pop rock that will remind the listener of bands such as Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory. The chord progressions are simple and the vocals melodies are extremely catchy. It is a very nostalgic feeling as many of us probably have not listened to bands like that in a while. However, it is also very refreshing because it reminds us of how much we enjoyed bands like that (before it became over saturated and we were faced with many bands that all sounded the same). Heartless Breakers are able to play off this music in a very honest way, with some extremely relatable lyrics that are arranged to just flow naturally. Aside from the familiar vocal styles and chord progressions, the music also consists of some ambient guitar tones, off time drum fills, and interesting use of dynamic, which makes this album more exciting than you would expect an album of this nature to be. It blends the old school with a little bit of the new school, which is what makes me enjoy this band so much. In terms of this album, it just flies by, which is such a shame because it ends up leaving me wanting more. However, that might not be such a bad thing if this band will be able to deliver. I truly hope that this album allows this band to branch out more and I truly hope to see much more from them in terms of their popularity and in terms of their releases.