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Katatonia – Sanctitude – 9.0/10

(Review originally posted in Nocturnal Hall Magazine. Link to the original can be found here: http://nocturnalhall.com/reviews/K/katatonia_sanctitude_e.html)

KATATONIA released Dethroned And Uncrowned in 2013, which was an acoustic reworking of their 2012 album, Dead End Kings. To promote the album, they embarked on a tour consisting of songs from Dethroned And Uncrowned as well as acoustic renditions of older KATATONIA songs. The band has recently released a live album from one of those shows, entitled Sanctitude. The show was recorded at Union Chapel in London. Because KATATONIA had recently lost some band members, Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief filled in on guitar, vocals, and keyboards. In addition, the show has a special appearance by Silje Wergeland, lead singer of The Gathering, during the encore. The track listing is a great mixture of fan favorites and songs that are rarely or never played live. In addition to expected songs such as Teargas or Lethean, the set list contains Gone and Day, which have never been played live before. It also includes an excellent rendition of one of my favorite KATATONIA songs, One Year From Now. Jonas handles the slightly distorted lead guitar so that Bruce and Anders can focus on the acoustic guitar playing. Niklas plays an acoustic bass and newcomer JP Asplund handles all different kinds of percussion. In addition, there are background keyboards and electronic drums to fill moments of silence when Anders or Bruce is not playing their instruments. One of the highlights of the show is where Jonas and JP both play percussion before the band goes into Evidence. The chapel creates an incredibly beautiful atmosphere. The audience sitting down is an interesting image for a band that usually plays heavy music. Bruce really impressed me with his beautiful background harmonies, but every member of the band demonstrates their talent in this 80-minute concert. The concert is released in a DVD/CD combo or as a blu-ray disc. The blu-ray version contains a download code so that you can get a digital version of the CD straight from the KScope website. It is definitely a must-have for any KATATONIA fan or for anyone who is trying to get into their music.