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(Review originally posted in Nocturnal Hall Magazine. Link to the original can be found here: http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/E/entheos_primal_e.html)

Entheos – Primal EP – 8.0/10

ENTHEOS is a new project that acts as both a reunion band as well as a super group. I say that this band is a reunion because three of the members were in the final lineup of former San Francisco death metal band Animosity before they officially broke up. However, I also say that this band is a super group because two of those members went on to projects that they are more known for. Navene Koperweis went on to becoming the original drummer of Animals As Leaders before leaving to focus on his own solo career titled Navene K. Similarly, Evan Brewer went on to becoming the bassist of The Faceless for a couple of years before leaving that project as well. The two former band members rejoined alongside former Animosity guitarist Frank Costa and alongside Systems vocalist Chaney Crabb who gained a lot of attention on the internet for her vocal cover of “Unbreakable” by Veil Of Maya. Once word got out about this project, many people were excited about a somewhat Animosity reunion and the possibility of some new music in the style of Animosity. I was somewhat skeptical at first about the idea of new music in the style of Animosity. This is because I had seen Navene and Evan’s talents in more progressive and diverse bands and projects. To me, it would have seemed like they were just settling rather than trying new things and continuing to push forward. However, I am a happy to say that is not the case with this release. What we have here is a four song EP that runs about 18 minutes long. In that duration, we are shown a style of death metal that blends together elements of deathcore as well as technical death metal. In theory, that all sounds exactly like what Animosity did. However, I am happy to say that this talented four-piece is able to do it in a way that feels and sounds fresh. Combining Chaney’s impressive growls and shrieks, Navene’s technical drumming that is prevalent but never overbearing, and Evan’s unique mixture of slapping and tapping techniques is a winning combination. Add in a few well thought out guitar solos and electronic sounds, and you have got a great debut release!  At 18 minutes, it runs a little short and leaves the listener wanting more. Hopefully, a full length will be coming soon and will continue to show the band’s creativity.