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(This happened a while ago but I realized I never posted about it before)

On Saturday, April 18th, 2015, Aeonic Impulse played at The Suzuran in Gardena, California with our good friends in Obsidian and Patient 37 as part of The Los Angeles Drum Off 2015. Like the Guitarmaggedon Competition that I competed in, Aeonic Impulse played a set and then our very own Fernando Guerrero competed in the competition. Unfortunately, some of the drummers competing in the competition did not stick around or show up at all, and the competition was between three drummers. Fernando was competing against Mike Lopez of Obsidian and Ivan Castillon formerly of Fester Youth. The drummers got 3 minutes to impress the judges, and after the first round Fernando and Ivan were the two drummers to advance. The final was conducted in a more head to head style. They sat side by side on their kits, and went back and forth in 30 second intervals to impress the judges. This lasted for about three minutes or so. After the final had ended, the judges announced that Fernando had won, making him the second member of Aeonic Impulse to win one of these events. I was very proud of his performance. Videos of his sets can be found at the links below.

First Round:


Final Round: