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So recently, the bassist of my band Aeonic Impulse, Pete Bucci, had his BC Rich bass (seen above) stolen, along with about 50 cds. He was sick and bedridden for four days, and his items were taken from his vehicle that was parked right in front of his house. The amount of stolen goods came up to about $800. insurance refuses to cover anything under $1,000 and the police are unwilling to help locate these items. Pete is also a member of the bands Casket, Odyssey Dawn, and Myconith. He has also been a security guard for Arrogant Behavior Productions. Because of his involvement in the local music scene, Jesse of Arrogant Behavior has set up a Give Forward page to try and help Pete raise the money to replace the stolen items. Arrogant Behavior promises to have a FREE local show if the goal is met, and the show will feature Pete playing on the new bass that we will have helped him acquire. Please help support him if you can. Pete is a great guy, musician, music lover, and friend. The link to the Give Forward can be found below. Help share/spread the word as much as possible!