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(Review originally posted in Nocturnal Hall Magazine. Link to the original is here: http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/C/cattledecapitation_extinction_e.html)

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction – 8.5/10

CATTLE DECAPITATION received wide acclaim for their 2012 release Monolith Of Inhumanity. The album continued their environmental conscious lyrics and showed the future of Earth if mankind kept its current ways. In addition, it also showed the band focused on releasing an album as a whole and including melody in their sound. Their latest release can be seen as a companion album to Monolith Of Inhumanity,because it deals with the future of the environment, specifically the ocean. Using current events such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the lyrics show the horrors of manmade products such as plastic, and the effects that they have on plants and animals. Musically, these ideas are presented in a 46-minute assault that goes from fast moments complete with blast beats, to slow, heavy breakdowns, to frantic guitar solos. All the while, singer Travis Ryan goes through a number of different vocal styles, from shrieks, to cleans, to growls, to snarls, to spoken passages. He has help from Phil Anselmo on The Prophets Of Loss and from Jurgen Bartsch of Bethlehem on Pacific Grim. Personally, I feel this album is a little weaker than Monolith. The clean vocals are more frequent, and therefore more predictable. The pacing feels weird, as more of the heavier tracks are all around the middle. I think of the tracks were rearranged so the cleans were farther away from each other, this album would top Monolith. The album finishes off with the same formula that the previous two albums have done. The second to last song is a slow, soft buildup, and the last song on the album repeats lyrics/melodies from it to create a more epic, progressive, and memorable outro. CATTLE DECAPITATION obviously know what works for them. They know how to create great albums from start to finish and how and they know how to continue to push themselves. The sounds of the ocean and atmospheric moments really work for them (including an intro by Author and Punisher onPlagueborne). However, their next album will have to show new patterns instead of rehashing the same formulas again. Still a very strong and enjoyable release and will be a favorite for many people.