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(Review originally posted by That Metal Station. Link to original can be found here: http://thatmetalstation.com/grey-skies-fallen-earthwalker-single-self-released/)

Grey Skies Fallen – Earthwalker (Single) – 8/10

For a band that went through long periods of inactivity in the past, the last two years have certainly been productive for Grey Skies Fallen. In addition to their first full length since 2006, Grey Skies Fallen rereleased two previously download only EPs together in a beautifully packaged CD bundle. Apparently, that was not the only thing the band was up to, as they released a single consisting of two songs in July of this year.

Grey Skies Fallen states, ”the recording of these songs began in September 2014, but was interrupted by the unfortunate studio fire at Audio Playground. After some regrouping by our trust sound maven Keith Moore, we finished up the two songs some months later”. The band released these songs in preparation for the next full-length, which it seems they are already hard at work planning out. Musically, these songs continue in the same vain as their previous release, The Many Sides of Truth, specifically the beginning sections of “Ritual of the Eiter”, “The Flame”, and “End of My Rope”.

“Earthwalker” is around the six minute and thirty second mark while “Safe Passage” is around the seven-minute mark. “Earthwalker” starts off with an upbeat chord progression while the lyrics are screamed and sung at the same time. The song moves to a beautiful guitar solo before going into new riffs that are perfect for head banging and moshing. The clean vocals during this section are very strong and the song ends abruptly and authoritatively. “Safe Passage” is more mid-tempo towards the beginning and it goes back and forth between great clean vocals, growls, and shrieks. The song gets more technical as it goes and changes around a lot more than “Earthwalker” did. This results in an excellent final section that consists of nostalgic and sorrowful sounding vocals over soaring guitar lines before the final riff ends it similarly to how “Earthwalker” ended. These two songs are a great addition to the already impressive catalog that this band has. All of their albums can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp so do yourself a favor and download them immediately.

– Jordan Salfity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GreySkiesFallen

Bandcamp Page: https://greyskiesfallen.bandcamp.com