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(Review originally posted by Nocturnal Hall Magazine. Link to original can be found here: http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/R/riverside_love_e.html)

Riverside – Love, Fear and The Time Machine – 9.5/10

RIVERSIDE is a Polish progressive rock/metal band that has been active for fourteen years now. Their first three albums were a conceptual trilogy known as theReality Dream Trilogy, dealing with mental illnesses and sleep disorders. Their next two albums saw a change in lyrics, focusing more on problems external problems rather than internal problems. From fast paced lifestyles, to cookie cutter people, to obsessions with celebrities and instant gratification. These themes are continued with the band’s sixth release, Love, Fear And The Time Machine. Musically, this album shows the diversity we expect to see from this band. However, this time, it feels like those styles are blended together more subtly and cohesively than ever before. Specifically, I would say that this album is a cross between the classic rock feel of Shrine Of New Generation Slaves with the laid back and atmospheric feel of their debut, Out Of Myself. This does not stop the band from adding heavier moments, as seen on albums like Second Life Syndrome and Anno Domino High Definition. Those moments are just few and far between, and happen more naturally than the frantic approach that we have seen before. From the beautiful (and catchy) buildup of Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By A Hat?), to Under The Pillow(which sounds like it belongs on one of the band’s first two albums), to the more upbeat #Addicted (which criticizes people who are addicted to social media), the band is able to show more diversity in a couple of songs than some bands are able to do in whole albums. Caterpillar And The Barbed Wire, Saturate Me, Discard Your Fear, and Towards The Blue Horizon are able to demonstrate the band’s progressive side (while still retaining memorable lyrics and vocal melodies), while Afloat, Time Travellers, and Found (The Unexpected Flaw Of Searching) are among the most beautiful ballads that the band has written. By the time the album comes to an end, you will agree that it is indeed “a lovely life”, as the band leaves you with hope and optimism (for a change). The addition of this album only makes picking a favoriteRIVERSIDE album that much harder. Another fantastic progressive album released in the year 2015, and another example of why RIVERSIDE is one of the best progressive rock bands out there.