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(Review originally posted by Nocturnal Hall Magazine. Link to original can be found here: http://www.nocturnalhall.com/reviews/G/gsf_introspective_e.html)

Grey Skies Fallen – Introspective/Along Came Life Double EP – 9.0/10

After the 2006 release of Two Way Mirror by GREY SKIES FALLEN, the future was uncertain. Several difficulties made it seem like there was not going to be another album for the band. In 2010, the band decided that it would be easier to release a digital only EP rather than another new full length. Another digital only EP followed two years after the first one. In 2014, the band was eventually able to find their ground and return to releasing full lengths with a stable lineup. Now, a year after their first full-length album in eight years, the band has decided to go back and give those two digital only EPs a physical release. This happened in the form of a double EP where the two discs are packaged together in a 6-panel digipak complete with lyrics, album artwork, and notes for both EPs. Aside from the beautiful artwork that Travis Smith did for both EPs, the music shows GREY SKIES FALLEN at the top of their game. Their 2010 EP, Along Came Life, starts with two of my favorite songs that the band has ever done. These songs are called Grand Scheme Of Things andBy The Wayside. They pick off where Two Way Mirror left off, focusing on clean vocals and strong melodies. Forever And A Day returns to the heavier style of GREY SKIES FALLEN. It sounds like it would fit perfectly on Tomorrow’s In Doubt, as the focus is on chunky riffs and aggressive vocals. The EP concludes with Along Came Life, which is another softer song with great guitar work and a fantastic finish. The second disc, Introspective, is an overall heavier EP. This one feels extremely reminiscent of Tomorrow’s In Doubt. The songs are full of great riffs, complete with powerful vocals and a hint of atmosphere in the background. They are also full of upbeat moments while still having a progressive attitude by going back and forth between clean vocals and growls. The soft moments are very beautiful and emotional. The EP ends with a 21-minute epic, which is sure to be a favorite amongst fans of progressive music. Overall, this is a well thought out package of music that is filled with great songs from start to finish.