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(Review originally posted by That Metal Station. Link to original can be found here: http://thatmetalstation.com/obedience-to-dict%E2%88%86tor-hogzilla-self-released/)

OBEDIENCE TO DICT∆TOR – Hogzilla EP – 8.0/10

OBEDIENCE TO DICT∆TOR is a death metal band from Italy. They released a single in March of 2014 as well as a split EP with a band called Strider in July of 2014. That same month, they compiled the two songs together with two other songs and released their debut EP, The Greater of Two Evils. The music on the EP consisted of old school death metal that had moments of both thrash influence and a hint of technical death metal influence. This middle ground showed influence and tribute to the greats like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, and Morbid Angel, while sounding closer to contemporaries such as Aeon.

A year later, they released their second EP, called Hogzilla. This EP shows much improvement over that first one in terms of songwriting as well as in terms of production. Obviously, the sound is much clearer and hits much harder (which is always a good thing in terms of this style of music). The aggressive borderline thrash vocals remain, reminding me of bands like Repulsion, but the music definitely sounds more modern. With more influence from modern technical death metal bands, there are moments of atmosphere on this album, which is always a good thing for a band to have some diversity.

The first song, “Grimlock Overload” is a straight up assault, but their second track, “Solar Warden” sees more prevalent technical riffs as well as robotic sounding spoken sections. The end of “Megabong” gets very melodic and is one of my favorite moments on the album. “The New Lords” is actually a segment of music created by composer Mark Isham for the movie version of “The Mist”, which builds up nicely to the last track on the album. “Let Me Sleep (We Have to Fight)” is the longest track on the album, and also makes use of the most dynamics.

Overall, there are a lot of positive qualities about this EP. The band pays tribute to classic death and thrash metal bands while progressing forward with a more technical and melodic approach. It makes me excited to see what this band is going to do the next time.

– Jordan Salfity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ObedienceToDictator

Bandcamp Page: http://obediencetodictator.bandcamp.com/