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(Review originally posted by That Metal Station. Link to original can be found here: http://thatmetalstation.com/brave-the-waters-chapter-1-dawn-of-days-self-released/)

Brave the Waters – Chapter 1: Dawn of Days – 8.0/10

Brave the Waters is a project consisting of just two members by the names of Tom Anderer and Rick Habeeb. These two met in 2012 when Rick joined Tom’s band, Buckshot Facelift. Also around that same time, Tom joined Rick’s band Grey Skies Fallen because they were in need of a new bass player. Three years later, the two of them collaborated and this is the result. Brave the Waters is much different than Grey Skies Fallen and Buckshot Facelift because it is not a metal band by any means necessary. Perhaps at best, it is reminiscent of the more calmer moments found on certain Grey Skies Fallen, but it is definitely something new entirely.

Their first release is just 6 tracks long and clocks in about 18 minutes. The entire endeavor is instrumental and contains no drums. Tom focuses on bass guitar and acoustic guitar playing. His bass lines are nice and prevalent as he focuses on the higher register of the instrument. His acoustic playing helps to fill out the background. Rick focuses on the guitar lines, which are the majority of the album. Rick extensively uses a Big Sky reverb pedal, which in my opinion is one of the best in the business when trying to create an ethereal and atmospheric quality.

The members explain that this release was “recorded one sunny weekend during the summer of 2014 at Audio Playground, Long Island”. Keith Morrow who owns the studio also has worked on almost all of Grey Skies Fallen’s releases. The release works great as background music and helps capture that sunny element with its bright tones and post-rock like chord progressions. There is not a lot of diversity to this release, so don’t go into it expecting a wild roller coaster ride. Go into it with your eyes closed, relax, and enjoy the world around you. Really hope that Rick and Tom continue with this project, and that we will see another release really soon.

– Jordan Salfity

Bandcamp Page: bravethewaters.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bravethewaters