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(Review originally posted by That Metal Station. Link to original can be found here: http://thatmetalstation.com/n-w-77-nuclear-awake-the-real-flanders-records/)

N.W.77 – Nuclear Awake – 8.0/10

N.W.77 is a band from Brasilia, Brazil. Their music is a crossover of hardcore metal and punk rock. On their Bandcamp page, they describe themselves, as being “Fast and Loud”, and this is a very accurate description of the band. Instantly when thinking about Brazil and thrash metal, minds would instantly go to the legendary Sepultura. However, these guys share much more in common with recent thrash revivalists such as Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, and Warbringer.

The band consists of Marcel Ianuck on vocals and bass, Marcio Reis on vocals and guitar, PC Montalvao, and Rodrigo Pinto on drums. Nuclear Awake is the first full-length album by the band. Their previous two releases were an EP calledDoomsday Countdown in 2011 and an EP called Youth Explosion in 2013. The style of music has not strayed too far from the path of those two albums, but the production quality makes a world of difference. The EPs had a muddy quality typical of thrash metal demos. Nuclear Awake is clean, making every hit of the drums and guitars loud and in your face, giving the music exactly what the band wants it to do.

The album contains sections of melodic guitar solos, crowd chants, fast sections, and breakdown like slow sections. It also provides sound clips scattered throughout. As a whole, it is a very enjoyable album to put on and let it go through. The songs seem to blend together perfectly in a cohesive way. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The only problem I had with this album is how easy it was to forget tracks, and mistake them for other tracks. The music could benefit from a little more diversity to help set itself apart from the pack of other thrash revivalists. Otherwise this was a solid release and definitely a must hear for diehard fans of classic thrash metal.

– Jordan Salfity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nw77music

Bandcamp Page: http://nw77.bandcamp.com/album/nuclear-awake