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Scale the Summit – – 8.5/10

SCALE THE SUMMIT has accomplished a lot in eleven years of being a band. In addition to being a force to reckon with when it comes to touring, they have consistently put out quality records. Fitting into a mold of instrumental heavy metal bands with progressive and jazz influences, it is easy to lump them together with bands such as Animals As Leaders, Chon, Polyphia, and Plini. However, SCALE THE SUMMIT has always stood out to me as the most melodic and song oriented band of them all. Sure Animals As Leaders may be the fastest and most technical, but SCALE THE SUMMIT has always done a good job of making their songs unique and different from each other, something that is not always the case with the other bands I mentioned. Their latest release, simply called V, continues where The Migration, The Collective, and Carving Desert Canyons left off. When listening to a SCALE THE SUMMIT album, the band takes you on a journey. While the guitars are clearly the main focus, and the envy of any guitarist who listens to one of their albums, these albums are not just about the guitar. The bass and drums can clearly hold their own, and fill the rest of the sound with excellent grooves, fill-ins, and occasional solos. New drummer J. C. Bryant does a great job of fitting the proverbial “big shoes” left by former drummer pat Skeffington, but it is clear that he is more than up to the challenge, providing his own taste and style. The beauty of SCALE THE SUMMIT lies in their ability to be enjoyable to not just musicians, but music fans in general. The techniques and time signatures are complex, but the way everything flows feels natural, and it is very easy to close your eyes to this music and let it take you away. While it is not too different from anything we have heard from the band in the past, it does not go against them in any way, shape, or form. The fact that the band is so comfortable in their style shows a sense of maturity. They allow the riffs and melodies to unfold and take their time. Because of this, the journey never feels rushed, and they are truly perfecting the art of making solid albums from start to finish. Another great release from the best band of this genre.