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Destroy Judas – Wake (Independent)

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My first experience with Destroy Judas was seeing them open for Alcest at The Blue Café. The dark underground atmosphere of the venue, where the fog from the machines was thick and still, worked perfectly for the band. They also made two lasting impressions with me that night. First, was the projector and movie screen, which showed images of birds flying, men walking along the beach, and feelings of loneliness that surrealistic movie director David Lynch would be proud of. The second impression the band gave off that lasted could be summarized by one word: Loud. This band was heavy, and gave off such confidence while playing.

I knew I needed to buy their album. 5 years later, that album still sticks with me. Wake is a classic album to me, and one of the best albums to be released by a band in the local Los Angeles/Orange County music scene.  The album consists of just 4 songs, but clocks in at 49 minutes! The songs are linked by the sounds of waves and seagulls. These are sounds we are not used to hearing in doom metal albums. We are more used to hearing the sounds of the howling wind in dark and gloomy forests. However, Destroy Judas finds a way to make it work.

The title track is the perfect album opener, with a memorable intro and even more memorable outro. “To the Sea” is a much faster song, and the most punk track of the album. “Seek the End” is in between the speed of the previous two tracks, and is memorable for its tribal beats and repetition of the words “tomorrow never comes”. “Drown”, however, is my favorite song on the album. The band accomplishes so much repeating the same 3-note melody line over the same 3 chords for 14 minutes. I don’t know what other band could have pulled it off, but that’s the charm of Destroy Judas. They let their music go on for exactly how long it needs to, and find new ways to keep it interesting. Definitely check this one out!

– Jordan Salfity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/destroyjudas/

Bandcamp Page: https://destroyjudas.bandcamp.com/