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Divinity – The Immortalist, Pt. 2 – Momentum (Nuclear Blast Records)

After a brief hiatus, Divinity returned in 2013 with the first of a three EP concept album. Each EP would contain 4 songs, and the idea is one day they will be packaged together as 1 studio album. Part 2definitely lives up to its name, continuing the momentum brought by the previous EP, despite the three-year gap between releases. The shape of the album is easy to see, as this release shares many similarities as the previous one. Momentumcontinues the band’s trademark style of technical death metal blended together with melodic death metal. The EP begins with “Manhunt”, an extremely heavy track that goes from frantic riffing and drumming to brief melodic sections, really showing the vocal diversity that this band has to offer. “PsyWar” is a very groovy track that reminds me of how the band Nevermore was able to musically blend thrash metal and death metal with soaring vocals laid on top. Everyone is in top form on this release. The drumming is solid, the guitar solos are great, and the songwriting is incredibly impressive from a band that got their start in a more brutal death metal direction. The real surprise of the release is “DMT”, the longest and most melodic song the band has ever come up with. The beauty from that song is quickly replaced with the title track “Momentum”, which ends the album on a dark, sludgy tone reminiscent of Gojira. As a separate release, I enjoyed this part much more than the previous one. However, together they are even better, and the entire experience is something incredibly exciting to look forward to once Part 3 is released to the public.

Album Score: 9/10

-Jordan Salfity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/divinitymetal/

Website: http://www.divinity.ca/