Aeonic Impulse

Aeonic Impulse is my progressive rock/metal band. I founded it alongside rhythm guitarist/lyricist Ryan on July 4th, 2011. It started out as a four piece with me on vocals and lead guitar. We played a couple of cover shows before the original bassist and drummer left about a year later. We found a new drummer and bassist, and even got a singer so that I could focus on guitar more and supply backup vocals. About a year and a half after that, our drummer left. We have been the same lineup since about March of 2014, with Pete on bass, Fernando (“Fernie”) on drums, and Gasper on vocals. We play all over the Los Angeles area and average about a show or two a month. We are hard at work raising funds to record our debut album, which we have already written from start to finish. I will post updates about the band, videos, pictures, links, and other things on this blog so that you can follow with our progress.

1. Guitarmaggedon 2015 Part 1:


2. Guitarmaggedon 2015 Part 2:


3. Bonnerhaus Show 2015:


4. Los Angeles Drum Off 2015:


5. Please Help Support My Bassist:


6. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover (December 2011):




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