An anthology when referring to a film is a movie that contains several short stories compiled together instead of a continuous story throughout the entire duration. The reason that those movies are listed in a separate category than directors is because more often than not, each segment is created by a different director. Because of this, it is easier to talk about the works as a whole rather than trying to pigeon hold each segment to their respected director and make things more confusing than they should. Anthologies can be tied together by a similar theme, plot, idea, character, event, or other interlocking characteristic. Some anthologies also have framing devices such as a “top level” story that branches out into smaller sub stories. These will be explained and examined with each movie that I review. I am more familiar with horror anthologies so I will start there, but will continue to branch out more as time goes on.


1. Three (2002):

2. Three Extremes 2004):


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