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Crosses (†††) – Crosses (†††) – 8.25/10

– Chino has already proven has abilities. From being the frontman of the critically acclaimed band Deftones, to his Team Sleep Project, to his new band Palms with former members of Isis. We know he’s good. So it’s no surprise when he announces a new project called Crosses, we’re gonna assume it’s good. Unlike Palms which focused on the post rock side, Crosses focuses on the electronic side. The songs are all short (nothing over 5 minutes). They are short sweet and to the point. Verse Chorus Verse structure, and all the signature trademarks of Chino’s vocal style and range. This band is essentially for Chino what How to Destroy Angeles was for Trent Reznor when comparing Deftones to Nine Inch Nails. And like that album, we gladly accept anything from an artist that we have grown to trust and love. Chino constantly makes great hooks, and you wish you could sound exactly like him as you sing along to the songs. However, the album is not perfect. Compared to the Deftones and Palms albums that really pushed and excelled, this album is simple. It doesn’t have a climax, it doesn’t build up, and it essentially doesn’t really go anywhere. It can easily just be used as background music. It is not as much to absorb or evaluate. But maybe that’s what Chino wanted. Something that didn’t have to be a challenge. Something that could just be enjoyed for what it is. In which case, he definitely succeeded with that. Based on what you’re looking for, it can either be an album that you will repeatedly find yourself going back to, or you will find that it was an album that you experienced but would much rather go listen Deftones. I was able to enjoy it for what it is, but can see why other people where not able to.